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Place of Business
Contrary to widespread disinformation,
a New Zealand FSP is not required
to have its own employees or
dedicated office premises
in New Zealand.
Dispute Resolution Schemes
What are they?
Do you need to be member of one?
Online Incorporation
How to incorporate a
New Zealand Company Online.
Step by Step instructions.
Limited Partnership Formation
How to form and register
a New Zealand LP
FSP Registration
How to register online
as a New Zealand
Financial Service Provider (FSP).
Step by Step instructions.
New Zealand as a Tax Haven
Unknown to most people, including
members of the anti-offshore media,
New Zealand offers zero tax structures
for offshore activities.
Anti-Money Laundering and
Know Your Customer Regulations.
The latest (2013) legislation explained.
What Happens Next?
There are regulatory changes in the pipeline,
but the “Thousand Dollar Bank” concept
remains intact
The FSP Act and FSP Regulations


Publisher: Opus Operis LLP - United Kingdom
Author: Michael Magnusson - Sweden - Netherlands
Paperback: 236 pages
ISBN-10: 0957543816
ISBN-13: 978-0957543812
From “The Land Without a Banking Law”:

Background Information

The Land without a Banking Law
The legal framework for Banking activities
in New Zealand explained

Forced Deregistration
How to avoid deregistration on
the Financial Service Provider (FSP) Register.

Registered Office
How to maintain a legally compliant Registered Office
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